Server and Network monitoring services, simplify IT management and increase systems uptime

No software No hardware

No software or hardware to buy or manage, just sign up and you are up and running in 5 minutes. Our expert will set up the system for you, they know what you need.

Identify Root Cause

Something is wrong and you need to find the cause? Our service will save you the headache by giving you all the information you need in a web console or on your smartphone.

Get notified

Set your triggers and relax, you will get instant alerts via email, SMS, Twitter or phone whenever something is wrong. Smartphone APP is available.

Trends analysis

For complex system monitoring and decision support, we can store all the performance data for problems prevention or resources optimization.


Multichannel Notification
Get notified on critical events via email, what’s up or Telegram.

Pre-Built Monitoring Templates
Access our free library of pre-made monitoring templates, WHM, cpanel, Exchange Server and much more.

Real-Time Performance View
See a live feed of your data being streamed from different data sources. Easily drill down to see further details.

What can we monitor?
We can collect data from PC, servers, network devices, Esxi Hosts, Web sites, anything connected in your network

Features and benefits

  • ✔ 24*7*365 monitoring
  • ✔ Monitor appliance, servers, virtual hosts, switch, routers and any device
  • ✔ Proxy deployment for internal network access
  • ✔ No hardware or software to buy, install and maintain
  • ✔ Web based reports, graphs with historical data
  • ✔ Optional Multi-channel notification including SMS, Telegram, voice call
  • ✔ Ready templates for WHM, Exchange and other
  • ✔ Problems are spotted and fixed before you experience any downtime


  • ✔ TELEGRAM notification
  • ✔ Dedicated monitoring environment
  • ✔ Distributed data collection servers

Monitoring system for WHM: over 20 parameters monitored

Some WHM monitored items :


    • Cpanel service status
    • Apache bytes per request
    • Apache bytes per second
    • Apache CPU Load
    • Apache requests per Second
    • Apache Thea
    • CPU Utilization
    • CPU load
    • Disk space usage
    • Disk space usage /boot
    • Disk space usage /home
    • Disk space usage /var/tmp
    • Memory usage
    • Message Queue
    • MySql bandwith
    • MySql operations
    • Network traffic
Name Description Yearly
CPANEL/WHM Monitoring Zabbix platform for WHM/CPANEL Basic monitoring 20 parameters with email notification £200.0
Libraesva Server SNMP Monitoring Monitoring as a service for Libraesva via SNMP £200.0
Website Monitoring Daily website monitoring with notification £48.8