Enterprise file sync and share from any device has never been so easy.

With ownCloud, users have a single interface from which they can access, sync and share files on any device, anytime, from anywhere. Users can quickly find and share the files they need whether shared by others or created themselves. With features like password protection, link expiration, anonymous and full access sharing, files are managed accordingly. That’s how secure Enterprise File Sync and Share works with ownCloud!



Simple sharing and transmission of data files or complete directories from Outlook. Using epiKshare’s Outlook integration you can share access to important files and directories with just a few clicks. Send data of any size anywhere, anytime.


2-Factor authentication adds another layer of access security. The authentication method confirms a user’s identity utilizing a combination of two independent components. Instead of simply requiring a username/password combination, an additional access token (time-based one-time password/TOTP), which can be obtained via mobile phones, for instance, is needed to gain access to ownCloud accounts.


The new end-to-end encryption or E2EE plugin for ownCloud increases the security standard for data exchange and file sharing. The data is completely encrypted and neither the administrator of the ownCloud server nor third parties who have access to the infrastructure can read the data.


You work in IT at an organization that has unstructured data spread across multiple data silos such as Windows networks drives, Microsoft SharePoint, FTP servers, object storage (e.g. S3) or public cloud services (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox or other WebDAV-enabled services). Having previously created policies and set permissions at the user, file, application, storage or cloud level, you want the ability to preserve and reuse those same policies and permission.


With Collabora Online for ownCloud, users can access their office documents within the ownCloud web frontend, author new content, share their work and collaboratively work on the same document with others. Collaborators of that document are able to see changes in real time and to take over editing from another user.

If you prefer your data to stay in your company but don’t want to give up to File Sync and Share platform we can provide your self-hosted private cloud solution on-premises together with setup and management services

If you are a developer or a reseller we can provide you a white label solution for you to manage your customers.

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ownCloud individuals

£100 /12 Months
  • File sharing and Sync platform
  • Space - 100Gb
  • Accounts - 1
  • Dedicated Domain - No
  • Bandwidth - unlimited
  • LDAP integration - No

ownCloud business

£600 /12 Months
  • File sharing and Sync platform
  • Space - 200Gb
  • Accounts - 50
  • Dedicated Domain - Yes
  • Bandwidth - unlimited
  • LDAP integration - No

ownCloud dedicated

£1800 /12 Months
  • File sharing and Sync platform
  • Space - 500Gb
  • Accounts - unlimited
  • Dedicated Domain - Yes
  • Bandwidth - unlimited
  • LDAP integration - Yes