Utixo SMTP service is a professional email delivery service that uses the best technologies and the latest best practices to guarantee that your emails reaches all recipients.

Solution tested and certified for dedicated email servers like Exchange, HMail, Zimbra, Kerio.


High Availability

It's a cloud based service with 99,9% uptime.

Automatic IP rotation

Proprietary technology for intelligent IP rotation.

High Quality

The best Technologies and the best practices to ensure email deliverability.

Log Analysis

Real time log analysis for real time remediation.

Reputation Monitor

IP pool reputation is continuously monitored.

Statistics and Reporting

Control panel with stats, sent emails and error reports..

Utixo smtp send connector for Exchange

SMTP relay for email Servers

Designed for email server SMTP relay, let us take care of your email delivery complexity, we can guarantee the best deliverability and full control. Add our email security suite for the perfect inboubd-outboud bundle.

Track Delivery

In the SMTP service dash board you can see the details about the email sent, all the errors and email still in queue.
It’s an important feature because you need to know if there are reasons why your emails don’t reach recipients.


Price and plans

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to properly configure the SPF record in the DNS, for higher deliverability add include spf.utixo.net in your spf record.

No, this service is not made per massive email marketing, is for business level high quality email delivery. For email marketing we have a specific product here you can fin more information about it.